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Brian Marshall Stage 1: "I found your course excellent. The amount of information and the way that you are able to allow me to retain that information, I found impressive. I found the instructor committed to students and how to enjoy their horses without danger and to keep danger to a minimum. I have found that when some humans are asked to consume that much they suffer from information overload. Their brain seems to protect themselves by shutting down to a certain extent. This makes being an educator extremely difficult. It was an excellent course. Keep it up!!"

Lynne Woodhouse Stage 1: "I felt the course flowed really well and the pace just right. The practical work was awesome. Your demonstrations, your explanations all helped me succeed. Thank you.

The smoko spot by the caravan is a lovely spot for the group to come together but is a peaceful place to reflect and think about what has happened. I really appreciated the folder. For me having copies of the articles that are relevant from Impulsion Magazine would really help me to keep focused on the important principles. You and Max have developed a fantastic facility. It was a wonderful experience to be able to use them."

Morgan Hill Stage 1: "I have furthered my understanding of humility and the art and experience of teaching."

Lynne Woodhouse Stage 2: "Jane Well done, you delivered a magnificent course where you gave enough information and encouragement to be able to achieve the activity set to a high level. I feel that I can go away and be reasonably competent at incorporating the activities into the ponies learning programme. I have left this course feeling really positive and enthused. I really enjoyed the company of the other participants they were a fantastic bunch. The house was always lovely and warm. It was such a neat, learning environment, the large dining room where we could all socialise and the training room was very comfortable. Thank you."

Deborah Haley Stage 2: "Once again a wonderfully enjoyable course from which I personally gained. It put all the elements of course 1 and more into perspective. Being able to work with my own horse was extremely helpful in that it enabled me to judge, with supervision and advice, as to how much pressure to put on. I think other wise I would have tended to be too 'soft'."

Brian Marshall Stage 2: "For the horse for his peace of mind, his wellbeing and for his education, we must look at ourselves. Are we consistent with our requests and do we recognise when the requests have been answered? Are we being fair before we use force? Are we allowing the horse to learn if not we confuse the horse?

I found stage 2 an extension of stage 1. The stage renewed stage 1 and then progressed to the next step. I was impressed that the course was geared to individual requirements, but the group was treated as a whole. The explanation of the work involved with the colt I found excellent. The techniques employed to correct the spooking horse invaluable. The realization that leadership skills are essential to the safe management of the horse by humans is one of the major factors in the education and well being of the horse. Watching the course facilitator and then the horse progress during the course, to become more responsive and to become a calmer partnership was very pleasing. My equine knowledge took another long step forward.
Thanks Jane"

Sue Boyle stage 2: "The main thing that I learned from stage 2 was the importance of reinforcement and maintaining the full attention of the horse. The fact that the horse has to fully understand what you want from it is essential before you can teach it the next step. The handler must have leadership for him to feel secure in any situation."

Lorraine Clayton Stage 2: "At last a training course that makes sense! Jane's ability to get the message across is awesome. The most wonderful thing is that the answers to the questions come from the students themselves. The depth of understanding that has occurred for me at this level has made stage 1 even more relevant."

Joanne Wroe Stage 2: "For me this has been a building block or foundation for the rest of my riding life. Stage 1 was the start of being able to obtain the attention from the horse and developing leadership with him. Stage 2 has refined this and I now have softer hands, and know how to maintain soft hands whether at home or when I go out.

The floating demonstration was empowering. I have gained much more confidence on this course."

Jenny Draper Stage 2: "Watching Jane work with our horse which I KNEW was particularly highly strung and would be very fearful of entering the float was totally amazing. The leadership role was established in only two sessions of round pen work which included 'conditioning' the horse to have so much attention on and trust in Jane that the horse was no longer afraid of the plastic bags and other scary objects. Then it was presented with the float and the whole procedure was neither frightening or dangerous to the horse or handler. An amazing lesson in trust, respect, leadership, patience and safety."

Lynne Moroney Stage 3: "The leaning environment that Jane and Max have created is awesome. Various types of round pens tucked into sheltered clearings which are secluded but near to the central area.

There was plenty of time for each student to work individually with a partner as well as one to one with Jane. The variety of horses tested the ability of students with varying results. I noticed that all the students were able to switch off from the outside world and focus entirely on the course. I noticed pushy horses show respect and nervous ones become relaxed. Being able to understand "WHY" horses do what they do, has helped me in my capacity as a practitioner of Equine Muscle Release Therapy and to help owners understand possible reasons for behavioural change.

Well done Jane! Thank you for providing the course with the safety of the horses and the people always at the fore and for your honesty and integrity in all aspects. This is a true testimony to the high standards that your course demands and deserves."

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