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Jane Taylor-Young

Students and visitors need not be daunted by working alongside Jane. Jane is a very approachable and down to earth individual who combines professionalism with warmth and understanding along with a unique and innovative style of teaching.

Her priority is to promote what is in the best interests of you and your horse and she will adapt to your individual level of skill to help you to gain the most from your programme.

Jane understands the cross section of difficulties that can arise when endeavouring to grasp unfamiliar methods and new material and uses a variety of different approaches that will help you to advance your understanding along with the practical applications. From the outset, you can be confident that your programme will be structured to suit your needs and although this won't happen overnight, Jane's objective is to help you increase your understanding in order to become more effective and have an exciting and rewarding relationship with your horse.

You will be sharing Jane's extensive knowledge and expertise so you should expect this to become a very close and personal experience that you and she will share together. Jane has a knack of knowing what and how much to provide in any one session, so you won't become overwhelmed with what has been a life changing experience for many.

You can expect everything you learn from Jane to have direct links to the horse as a specie. There is no magic, mystery, mumbo jumbo, supposition, or theory based on someone's ideas. However, the fact that the Herdword material is all supported by reality does not make it tedious or boring. Your Herdword journey with Jane will be an exciting and exhilarating experience.

Once on board this journey of discovery, you can expect continual support by phone or email, both throughout and after your programme ~ regardless of how your programme is structured.

Why not do justice to yourself and your horse and contact Jane now?

Jane Taylor - Young

Jane Taylor - Young

A distraction free training environment for horses and superb facilities

Jane Taylor - Young
The Herdword stand at Equitana Asia Pacific 2005

Along with Blyth Tait, Jane was one of the only 2 New Zealand educators asked to present educational segments at Equitana 2005, Jane presented lectures on the criteria required for successful horsemanship. True to form, Jane held the attention of her audience as she illustrated the reasons of why horsemanship doesn't happen by chance, as well as what makes some horse people five hundred times more effective than others. [ Enlarge ]

Internationally known for her equine consultancy work, Jane was born in England in 1949 and grew up with horses. She was formally educated by military riding instructors, a mature student of the Spanish Riding School and a variety of instructors and examiners from the British Horse Society.

Strong influences on Jane between the ages of three and fourteen years of age were the North Warwickshire Hunt, The Windmill Hill Riding Academy at Stratford - Upon - Avon [John Tilke / Mrs Marash] and Reginald Gregory ex Cavalry. John Tilke continued to influence Jane when she received tuition in order to gain qualifications to teach in conjunction with the B.H.S.

Jane has made the behaviour of horses and people a life-long study. At the outset this was not a conscious decision, but became so as more people bombarded her with problem cases to resolve. It became more and more obvious to Jane that problems were created and not born, as she rarely experienced the same problems that others had with their horses.

Working out 'WHYs', became a long-term project for Jane. As she began to observe, at local, county and national shows how some successful people achieved the desired results, and why others did not; Jane became very aware of how uncooperative horses displayed signs of distress.

This took her on a long journey of discoveries that accompanied her work with breeding, breaking and schooling for both ridden disciplines and carriage work, rehabilitation, agency [matching horse to rider], agistment [livery / boarding horses] and pre-purchase assessments.

These activities ran in conjunction with her remedial work with bad catchers, buckers, spookers, rearers, pullers, bolters, bad loaders, kickers, strikers, biters, chargers, nappers [barn sour], jump stoppers, starting gate problems and other complex psychological behavioural problems.

Jane has prepared horses for Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Hunting, Racing, Pleasure Harness, Trials Harness, Commercial Harness [carriage work], Farm Harness, Covering Mares [Stallions], Teasing [Stallions]. She also has considerable experience in fostering orphan foals with dams that have lost their foals.

Apart from her diverse and extensive practical experience in the horse world, Jane has made a wide variety of formal and informal studies and assessments. These include: Pony Club. B.H.S. Witney College Oxford. Spanish Riding School 1981. Behaviourists: Ray Hunt ~ USA* Monty Roberts ~ Global.* Jim McCall USA* Dr. Robert Miller USA.*

Additional analysis: The training Methods of Virginia Leng. [U.K. Eventing] General methods of U.K. Racing. The training method of Bob Clay [U.K. Racing]. The Conditioned Response Training of John Lyons [USA Behaviourist]. The starting methods of Neil Davies [Australia ~ General]. The Riding Techniques of Richard Shrake [North America ~ Judge]. Fitness training of horses for all disciplines [global sources] Further assessment of Irish and U.K. Gypsies and their training methods. Harness racers [Canada], The wild horses of Sable Island [Canada], plus personal surveys of hundreds of horses and owner riders combined with environmental and management factors. Studies of numerous top competitors in most disciplines . USA and U.K. military equestrian training methods.

Jane has provided educational articles on related topics for equestrian magazines. She has written for the Corinthian Horse Sport and the Hudson Gazette as well as produced a publication "Through The Eyes Of The Horse" for the Canadian equestrian enthusiasts. For New Zealanders, Jane has written a series of articles entitled " Take A Walk On The Wildside" [of your horse]. These have been published in a number of editions of IMPULSION magazine.

Additionally, Jane has presented numerous programmes with respect to industrial behaviour to management sectors of the business world in England. Clients include: Swindon Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Redditch Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Kidderminster Chamber of Industry and Commerce, British Telecom, D.L.T. Training Services, The Association Of Independent Retailers, The Manpower Services commission and many more.


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